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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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were in the top five, could win with a win. you did it. you've got both of these trophies. congratulations as the winner of the tour championship and the 2012 fedex cup. >> last but not least, it's been a long season. the 41st pga tour event. in a season that started some 261 days ago in kapalua. now you're the fex cut chadex c champion. brandt, i know there's a lot of different ways we can go with all the emotions you've been experiencing lately, but what was your sense of calm, if any, that you had when you started this round today, because i know that this was a huge day for you to get it done. >> you know, i just, at the end of the day, i had complete confidence in what i was doing out there.
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i had an unbelievable team behind me. my wife, mandy, was not able to be with me. she was home with lily. she's the reason i am where i am right now. unbelievable, tucker anderson is in the hospital right now. this is not the most important thing in my world. i've got a bunch of stuff going on. i don't know where it came from, but i'm going to try to rekindl it often in the future. >> i know you went over to the hospital in atlanta to visit tucker. you and your father, larry. larry underwent a serious surgery, your father, last year. this is the second time he's been back with you at a golf tournament since the surgery. what did that mean to you and your father to go over to visit tucker and have him in the same city that you were able to win this championship today? >> it worked out to be like that. so lucky to have tucker here at shepard center, which is a phenomenal place to deal with brain injuries. he's in great care. i got to see him and he uplifted me. i was going up there, thinking for the worst. he's awake, alert and i told him
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if i -- i asked him did he think i was going to beat rory mcilroy today. he gave me a wink. that's all i needed. i give him credit for that. >> brandt, great performance. nice going, by the way. double-dip today. you did so many things well today. the last five twosomes, you only got a shot under par. it was tough out in the wind. 25 putts, number two in fairways hit, number one in strokes gained putting. you only missed one putt inside eight feet all week. it was amazing. the great chip-in on the 71st was nice. not many go in the 18th and have the lead where you can enjoy yourself. you must have felt good. >> it did until i saw the ball go over the stands and i thought it went out of bounds. i had problems. i putted great all way, really today with the wind blowing. >> let's look at great chip. >> i pulled the second shot and a big wind gust came up and had a nice pitch shot. i told myself i hadn't made a
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pitch shot since i can remember. it was just right in the middle. >> what about real quick on the 6th hole you hit it in the water like a third of the field did. were you shaky there? >> i was relatively calm. the second time i've done that this week. i knew what to expect. i knew i had moles coming up to make birdies. i knew not to panic. >> you showed off the tour championship trophy. turn around and show off the fedex cup trophy. brandt snedeker, the winner in 2012! by the way, good luck in the ryder cup next week. if you missed any of today's action, get caught up on golf channel's golf central. the ryder cup returns to american soil as team europe and team usa play next week.
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it begins tomorrow on golf it begins tomorrow on golf channel. -- captions by vitac --
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>> live, local, late breaking-- this is wbal 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening. as the crowds gather on this sunday night to cheer on the ravens, the team is dealing with a loss that has set the family of wide receiver torrey smith. his brother died earlier in the virginia. let's get all the details. >> is hard to believe that on such a beautiful day and evening in baltimore that there could be a dark crash -- a dark cloud over the stadium. the 19-year-old brother of torrey smith was killed in a
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motorcycle accident last night. he lost control in rural virginia of his motorcycle and went into a utility pole and died. alcohol was not involved. there you see some pictures of him with his brother. he was a hallmark earlier today in rural virginia and has returned home with the team. he has -- we do not know if he will play but he is here in baltimore. he is very active in the social media and he said "i can't believe my little brother is gone. this is the hardest thing ever." the raven's also put out a statement -- >> this is devastatingly sad news. there are a special family and our hearts and pots reach out to all of them." as the ravens get ready for the biggest game of the year at this point against the patriots, is
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-- torrey smith is here and we think he is going to play, but it is a strange vibe to have to deal with this on a season where the reagans off, remember art modell recently passed away as well. we'll have more coming up on what this might mean for the actual game and how much he might be able to play tonight. >> thank you. an investigation is underway after a man is killed during an encounter with police early this morning in the area of seaside road. let's go live there for details. >> it started here around 2:15 when police say someone called in a report of a suspicious person. a baltimore county police spokesman says they found a man and tried to talk to him. they said he was not cooperative and that is when they say he reached for one of the officer'' weapons. baltimore county homicide
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detectives are investigating but it's not clear how many times the officer fired or how many times he was hit. >> i know that they responded and the subject was uncooperative. it is suspected that the subject is not from this area. the detectives are making an attempt to limit -- to notify the next of kin and locate where he is from. >> police are not releasing the man's name this evening. as for the two officers involved, we are told they are veterans of the force but they are on administrative leave pending an investigation. baltimore county police want anyone with information to give them a call. >> the new england patriots
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crashed baltimore's hopes for a lombardi trophy, but they square off and ravens fans are hoping for redemption. what are the fans telling you tonight? >> they are very excited about this game. we are set up outside the stadium and the detail getting action and people are looking for revenge from the last time we played the patriots. i've never been to a bachelorettes party, but i would not think this would be the spot. i met up with some brides to be at ts spot. >> we had a great tail gate. we went and had pickles and now we are going to eat hamburgers in the parking lot and we're going to watch tom brady go down. it feels so perfect. >> the party continued a rocking
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hours ago. mothers of bar and grill was hopping. here are their predictions for tonight's game. >> i would say 28-24. >> i'm going 31-21. >> based on the past, i'm going 31-17. >> we are still a couple of hours away and there is plenty of time to tailgate. we would love to see pictures of how you are celebrating the game. it's good to our web site and click on ulocal. >>
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>> some sad news out of washington d.c. -- the giant panda cub born last week at the national zoo died this morning. zookeeper say they heard that and making signs of distress. we are told they performed cpr on up -- and other lifesaving
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>> the big story tonight is the game. if you are getting ready to head out, i know all the people are already there but if you are one of the stragglers, here is the forecast -- temperatures in the '60s but it's going to draw down into the 50s, especially after the sun goes down. the skies will be crystal clear and it will be good football other. the high-temperature today was 69. compare that to the average of 75 and i think you will stay below average for the next couple of days. down to 61 and parsons and 61 at the airport. the temperatures are going to fall off quickly and we will wind up with pinpoint skies and
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dry air. a little cloud cover showing up most of it is in the far western suburbs. there is even some participation up there. that is going to pass north of us and think should be quite at home. once the sun goes down, it might be cold enough for frost for the first time. temperatures will dip into the '40's but it will be cold enough for frost. sun set at 7:00. by the time you wake up, it's going to be in the '40's. a mixture of sunshine and clouds with high temperatures in the upper 60s. sunrise at 6:56. it will get warmer on tuesday and wednesday, but the chance for rain will go up in the middle of the week. it doesn't look like a big deal. temperatures thing in the '60s and '70s throughout the weeke temperatures thing in the '60s
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so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. temperatures thing in the '60s and '70s throughout the weeke but today...( sfx: loud noise of metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep. meep meep?
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>> coming to you live from the field -- the ravens and patriots are getting ready for sunday night football. just moments ago, torrey smith took the field, talking to friends and many were offering condolences. he lost his brother who was killed in a motorcycle accident late last night. he is always a big play threat on this team and you have to wonder what kind of frame of mind is he going to be in? that is part of the reality.
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jacoby john's has stepped up. if they have to use him more, joe flacco is fine with that. >> he is always a good athlete and creates a lot on the outside and that allows us to free up the tight ends and our running back. all of those things that work favorably for us so far. >> elsewhere in the division, we have the redskins played host to the cincinnati bengals. first play of the game -- the wide receiver -- have you started a quarterback for your fantasy team? the shed. late in the third, robert griffin the third, beautifully executed. tied 24 apiece. and the dalton -- we saw how fast he could beat. the bangles that the when.
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cincinnati 2-1 on the season. let's talk about baseball -- the orioles with a six-game winning streak going into today's game. looking to go for the sweep at fenway. cody ross trying to turn to wide throw run scores -- i can't believe he is 20 years old. he made his debut and has to out. down to one, bases loaded, looking at strike three -- he is not going to sleep terribly well tonight. the orioles won game back from the new york yankees as the
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yankees lost to the oakland a's. 10 games left in this incredible season. the orioles can still hold the top wild-card spot and they come home and have six days coming up here. the double header is tomorrow. patriots and ravens -- we will get you set up but the countdown at the bottom of the hour.
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>> it's going to be a great night. >> great football weather. >> the countdown is next. c. after the game. -- see you after the game. ?o?o?oçoíc';woçwk
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